Funerals as unique as the very lives they seek to honour.

Full service funeral home in East Takaka, Golden Bay

Providing families with options for traditional and natural burial, cremation, and full service funerals for a reasonable price.

Located in East Takaka, Matuku Funerals provides the Golden Bay community with safe and natural after death options.

At Matuku Funerals, we are inspired by the shift that is taking place, to reclaim one of life’s most important rites of passage, and we offer a safe, caring, compassionate and personalised approach to death care and funeral arrangements.  


We have a range of services to support you in this time of losing, or preparing to lose, a precious loved one. Please reach out and we will ask the right questions to find out how we can best help you and your family now.  Click to download our brochure below for more detailed information.

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MATUKU FUNERALS - Caretakers Cottage, 574 East Takaka Road, RD 1 East Takaka 7183 New Zealand

Caretakers Cottage, 574 East Takaka Road,

RD 1 East Takaka 7183 New Zealand

About Matuku Funerals

At Matuku Funerals, we understand that it is difficult for many people to talk about death. We all know it is a natural part of life, but it can be emotionally difficult to discuss, and for some it is frightening. As a result, not much is known about the various options available for death care and funeral planning, and what is available can vary from region to region.

There are many things that need to be taken care of, during a sad and stressful time. It often seems easier to pass these arrangements to someone else to take care of. However, for those who wish to participate in this last significant rite of passage, it can be an enriching and life-affirming experience. 

In the past, family used to have a greater role in caring for the deceased. Family was responsible for washing and dressing the body of their loved one, and for other rituals associated with death. In times gone by, this care was considered an honour, a mark of respect and compassion, as well as a very natural and important part of the grieving process.

Each situation is different, and we offer flexibility and service to support you to make the choices that meet your personal requirements and ecological preferences. We have many options for services and care that give you a much greater choice in how your loved one is treated after they die. We are here to discuss this with you and offer our guidance. It is important to us that you make the choice that is right for you and your family.

Meet Our People

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Laura and Mark Manson, Directors
Laura and Mark Manson, Directors

Hello, I am Laura Manson

I am one of the owners of Matuku Funerals, located in East Takaka. I founded Matuku Funerals because I am passionate about supporting families to personally care for their loved ones, and to have as much, or as little, involvement as they desire in the funeral and preparation of their deceased family member.

I had a positive experience planning and leading my beloved Grandmother’s funeral in 2015. Although I was in grief, I realised the huge emotional value planning her family-led service had for me. It was a much different experience than when I had lost other loved ones, my involvement gave me a sense of empowerment, completion and facilitated healthy grief. I felt that Grandma had a funeral that was 100% what she wanted, and that honoured her and her relationships.

My background was in volunteer work for our community, farm-office business, and long before that, I worked at the Visitor Information Centre. I am happily married to Mark Manson, and have two daughters. At age 41 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a successful treatment, I longed for a career change and had dreams of living life, doing meaningful work that supported my community and my family. I took my diploma of Art and Creativity and headed off to the Celebrant School for professional training.

It is my honour and passion to use my skills to design and present funerals and memorial services that are as original and special, as the very lives they seek to honour. It is my desire to help families to have , as much as possible, a good, empowering experience, and to make this hard time just a little bit easier, for those left behind.

Hi, I am Mark Manson

This year, my family celebrated 100 years on Matuku Farm.  I am very pleased to share our beautiful piece of paradise, and hope that it will bring comfort and peace to the grieving.  I enjoy working as a funeral director, and assisting as required.  I am proud keeper of the garden at Matuku. I also run the PA system, and create slideshows for funeral services.  

Hello, I am Karilyn Cavaye

I am an empathetic and skilled Mortuary Technician and Funeral Director.  I have an extensive background, I trained and studied in Christchurch.  It is nice to be helping people in my community. I will look after your loved one with kindness and professionalism.  I live in Golden Bay with my family and enjoy fitness, playing Bridge, and the outdoors.  

Hello, I am Jenny Randall

I work for Matuku Funerals as a Funeral Director, as well as in the office.  I live in Golden Bay and have worked in the past at Mohua Social services and for Budget Advice.  I have a calm, compassionate nature and enjoy helping people.  

Coffin and Casket Selection


For pre-planning, or for urgent support,  we can meet you at your home, or at the hospital, or you can come to our lounge in East Takaka, at the Caretaker’s Cottage, on Matuku Farm

Laura by phone at 03 525 7399 or by cellphone at 027 777 4738 for urgent service
Mark by phone at 03 525 7399 or by cellphone at 027 525 7399

For general queries, ring during business hours or for non urgent appointments contact us by email or phone 027 777 4738,

Caretakers Cottage, 574 East Takaka Road, RD 1
East Takaka 7183 New Zealand

Our location

Matuku's Caretaker's Cottage, 574 East Takaka Road, RD 1
East Takaka 7183 New Zealand

                                            Postal address- 81 Back Road, RD 1, Takaka, 7183